Body and Mind Enrichment.  Healthy Products, Healthy Living.

We are excited to announce we have opened Kapok Pilates and Wellness
to share our passion of healthy living under one roof. Kapok Pilates and Wellness

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Body and Mind Enrichment

an Organic Lifestyle devoted to strengthening and nurturing your body and mind - inside and out.

Enrich your body and mind by understanding the benefits of physical and mental strength, plus the products and environment going in your body. Learn the proper technique of exercising from the inside out. And recognize organic, natural body and food products. This is a lifestyle and commitment to yourself. It's like putting a puzzle together -- you need all the pieces!

Emily on TV!

Natural ways to keep your skin young and healthy - with Emily Wenzel and WTSP Channel 10 News Anchor Allison Kropff

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Download a free BMe Spa Time .pdf here

Personal Training, Group Training, Classes and Workshops

Key components are: breathing, Pilates, balance, strength and outdoor conditioning (at all levels)

Create a way to incorporate exercise and healthful living in your every day life. Plus laugh and have fun!

    Learn about:

  • body awareness, core strength and posture while building strength and flexibility.
  • natural remedies that can save you money and time.
  • organic and natural skin and body products for you and your family.
  • organic and natural foods and ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Organic and Handcrafted products

My organic natural products come from my garden. I compost, care and love all those that are a part of the natural progression of growing. The infusion of the herbs typically begins on the new moon to represent new projects and acknowledge the moon cycles. After a few weeks, or again on the moon cycle, I strain out the herbs and use the precious, medicinal oil in the salves, oils, cremes and lotions. The beeswax is from a local Beekeeper. Other ingredients including organic oils, "butters", essential oils, and some herbs are from reputable herbal suppliers. My batches are in smaller quantities. I put a lot of care and love in each one. Products are available at my online store.

  • Pilates for You DVD. More details on the featured products page of the BMe online store
  • Herbal Salves, Oils, Lotions and Cremes
  • Therapeutic, Spa and Primping Products
  • Herbal Earth Bags - bags that just keep giving!
  • Cookbooks - gluten free and processed sugar free
  • Insect Repellent and Mild Sun Protection